Intelligent DME Solutions


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DME Management

Our first job at Qualis is to understand fully the specific needs of each of our clients, then tailor a program, unique for each client, to improve patient care, reduce DME costs, streamline processes, and virtually eliminate administrative headaches.

Qualis manages peripheral processes such as contracting, real-time analysis, single patient agreements, traveling patients, hard-to-find DME, and taking action to resolve many problems before they occur.

Intelligent DME®

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Our Service

1. Allows local or national vendors to be utilized – aligning clinical goals.
2. Saves hospice staff’s time with easy to use high-tech solutions.
3. Provides better pricing and eliminates invoicing.
4. Prevents peaks and troughs on invoices.
5. Guarantees lower cost, less work, and complete satisfaction.


Our Promise

It is important to note that the goals of Qualis are aligned with those of our clients. Since we are not a DME direct supplier, we are able to accurately evaluate providers, without bias, based entirely on what providers are able to offer in terms of service and price.

Allow us to make your patients and caregivers happier, while saving you money and making your job a little easier.

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• Saves nurses time with a real-time DME ordering system and reports
• Eliminates vendor invoicing while providing you with detailed financial analysis
• Negotiates preferred vendor pricing and one-time (single patient) agreements
• Pays vendors twice a month (faster than any other management company in the country)
• Resolves any problems
• Conducts quality vendor audits on accreditation, education, and maintenance


What's Included...

• Negotiating preferred contracts
• Managing claims, acting as an ACO
• Providing Cap-Cap rate options with all-in per diem rates, standard formulary / non-formulary rates, or fee-for-service rates – you decide
• Coordinating the entire process without ever interfering with the critical relationship between your nurses, the DME suppliers, and your patients

“Qualis has the same commitment to quality that we have, and it’s been a great benefit to our clients.”
— Patrick Miller