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Better Pricing & Improved Patient Care?

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Why Qualis

We pair our evidence-based, clinical utilization analysis and training with the most comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) integration in the industry to improve patient care and lower home medical equipment costs.

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Our Process


#1 in Clinical Education

Qualis is the only durable medical equipment (DME) management company that provides evidence-based, clinical utilization analysis and training. Improved patient care and lower costs is Intelligent DME.


EMR Integration

Qualis has the most comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) integration in the industry. Working with the majority of hospice EMRs, you can be assured of efficient, secure work flow without dual data entry.


Your Choice of Vendors

Your patients/caregivers see a DME vendor as an extension of your team. Qualis believes it is paramount to have the highest quality vendors.

We Help You


About Qualis

The Nation’s First DME Management Company...

...we are NOT a DME direct supplier. The difference is critical for your cost containment and quality of service goals.

We offer value and benefits to both hospices and DME direct suppliers. With a focus on high quality patient care, Qualis delivers significant DME cost reductions, consolidated monthly payments, and valuable benchmarking, utilization analysis, streamlined administration, and elimination of headaches.

We Guarantee Savings

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Case Studies

Improving Patient Care While Lowering Costs is Intelligent DME

“ Through advanced technology and leveraged purchasing, Qualis saves our agencies over $300,000 a year. Before Qualis, we had almost 500 invoices a month coming in. Now...ONLY one invoice a month, and I only have to write one check!”
— B. Turner :: Controller
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"Our options were to contract with a vendor, a third-party administrator or Qualis.

Our due diligence showed that Qualis was the only DME management company with evidence-based clinical educational training. Anybody can offer software and negotiate price. Qualis has the continuing education courses, the training tools, and a real solution for improving patient care. We didn't know what we didn't know until we met Qualis. They led us to improved patient care and backup vendor support."



"So significant, but most often overlooked.

We never really thought about who was teaching our nurses when to use what home medical equipment. There were only really two available options: Train staff from the DME manufacturer guidelines and understand the financial bias, or learn from the evidence-based clinical studies and decision trees which Qualis presented. Now we know our patients are getting a higher level of care. From support surfaces, to patient positioning, to treating dyspnea, we know our patients get the right equipment at the right time."